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juli 31, 2012

"to need that second glass.."

- The point of wine is to need that second glass.
This is a quote made by Steven Spurrier in a fairly recent masterclass I attended, on wines from Argentina.

Well, this Pinotage 2010 from Laibach certainly fits the bill as a truly moreish wine. Purple coloured with medium intensity, pinkish rim. Classic Pinotage nose, not the most intense perhaps - but showing aromas of ripe dark berries and evident oak.

Rich mouthfeel from the get go, full bodied with freshness to match. Filled with ripe sweet and sour fruit, and dried mulberries adding charm. Big and ripe tannins, yet still good grip. Perfectly balanced, and ending in a savory finish with a somewhat bitter leathery touch to it. Top class Pinotage this, which I would love to see in Vinmonopolet. (88p)

Suggested food pairing: You can't go wrong with barbeque (or braai as the say in South Africa). The rich sweet fruit also lends itself towards slightly spicy dishes.

The wine comes with impeccable credentials. Michelangelo Gold Medal in 2011, but even more impressive - included in the Absa Top 10 Pinotage (2011).

Producer: Laibach Vineyards.

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